The Weak

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The Weak:

Like lambs to the slaughter,
Marching one by one.
Inquire the position.
Requite when done.

Bruise the ego
Far beyond repair.
Punish for choice
Encase and encage:
Despair and enslave.

Draw the smite
Where the week lie dying.
Turn the head so sodden…
Don’t let it see you crying.



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Alive,You seemed.
I almost believe
That you could be.
I sometimes even think
That if I cut your strings,
You would come to life.

But you won’t.

I’ll always be alone.
All alone.


Listen To The Pen:

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Blue and black ink
And sometimes red.
Surge of inspiration
Coheres the hand.

Grip the thought.
Consume the knowledge
That comes forward.
Play with the written word.
And hope it makes sense.

I’m Back!!

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Yeah, yeah yeah….


I know I haven’t been on for the last several months. but wait! I’m gonna start posting more frequently. So don’t get your panties in a twist yet…

I’m going to start by posting some poems I have posted on  my DA account. Hope that’s ok… CAUSE IT’S HAPPENING, VIRGINIA!!!!! YOU HAVE NO SAY!!! *sticks tongue out*


Aaron Jay


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R.I.P. Antoine Ashley (Sahara Davenport) who died recently of heart failure. The art and entertainment community loses a truly gifted and talented performer. May he rest in peace.
Knees bent,
She readies to jump.
She’s impatient to dance
To play, to laugh.

You grew as a boy
But dressed as a girl.
Millions adored you.

No eyes were dry
That night life decided to let go of you.
Sahara, dear Antoine,
Such a shame to leave so young.

Your warm spirit.
Your talented-ness
Your unique soul: we saw you shine
As friends, family and fans
And fell deeper in love.

To lose you is a tradgedy,
You were a work of art
And shall be remembered as such.
Beauty and talent such as yours
Will never be forgotten.

So Sorry

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Sorry that I’ve been away for so long. I’ve been poeticly dry for a while now. I’m not giving up and I am not done with this blog yet!

I also have created a DA account, for those interested. Please visit it. It contains both art and poetry of mine.

Mother to Soldier:

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Mother to Soldier:


Imagine a world, If you will,

A voice surrounds you…

Emptiness…all that you feel.


The bodies in masses…

Death surrounds you,

No one alive.


Blood running as water,

Ash rains as tears…

Bodies Helter-Skelter…

Frozen looks upon their faces,

Twisted to Grimaces of fear.


Weeping mothers bend to their child’s brow…

Wiping a smudge of oil from their cold cheek…

A farewell Kiss… Of love.